Thursday, 21 June 2012

Reiki- Scientific Explanations and experiments

This  post is about scientific connections of reiki and to give an insight into few areas where it has been proven. This is informational article only based on my reading up on this matter. If you like you can read up more about reiki and scientific effects or explanations. Most of my fellow readers wouldn't be agreeing on these points but these are a few experimental facts about reiki.Below are a few insights :-

Ice Crystals
  • Effects of hands on healing is a physical process.-Experiment- Bengston worked with a healer, obtained 5 mice with severe cancer from a controlled group with 100% prediction of death between 14-27 days. These mice were healed for an hour daily for next 30 days. During those days the tumors/ulcers blackened, imploded and closed. The Mice lived a normal life span. The other set of mice with cancer sent to another location who were given injections died. This experiment was done in three replications of which 87.3 % of mice who were given reiki lived normal life span so 12.7% died as opposed to 100% of the mice of the group with no reiki treatment died.
  • Reiki has electrical and magnetic qualities which are measurable-  Ampere's law explains electrical and magnetic energies around human body, therefor electric current flows through conductors and created magnetic energy around. Therefore electric energy flowing through human body/organs creates bio-magnetic field. This bio magnetic energy changes and can be measured using instruments like magnetometer or super conducting interference device. It found people with specific ailments, moods, thoughts have different bio-magnetic fields. I am assuming reiki does have some effect on it. If we look at the electric energy which flows through the ida , pingala and sushmana nadis, proper flow of energy effects the overall bodily health of the being
  • Pulsating magnetic energy required for stimulating tissue repair is in the hands of most reiki healers-In 70s the biomagnetic research showed that magnetic energy ( at extremely low frequency) tends to stimulate tissue repair, bone fractures etc. Pulsing electromagnetic field energy was introduced for bone healing at 7Hz.Interestingly 2 Hz for nerve regeneration, 7 Hz for bone growth, 10 Hz for ligament repair. Dr. Zimmerman found that reiki practitioners/other healers /people with natural healing abilities emitted same low frequencies from their hands. Most of the practitioners had frequencies of 7Hz on an average but even going upto 30 Hz. 
  • Brain waves of reiki masters or other healing modalities almost synchronize as earth's magnetic field-  Earth's magnetic field is about 7.83 Hz, tuning fork concepts come into picture here. For some of the reiki healers the brain waves are mostly in the alpha state during healing and tends to resonate with earth's magnetic field. 
  • Reiki ice-crystal experiment- Ice crystal experiment was held in Japan , hands on healing was done to Japanese distilled water ( which never forms hexagonal shapes) due to high amount of chlorine. However the test was conducted on tap water for a few days and it was found that several samples had crystal formation, several seven sided crystals were formed which is rare.
  • Reiki reduces pain- In 2006 experiments were conducted on a group of women undergoing hysterectomy, 12 patients received 30 min of reiki treatment twice immediately before surgery and then at 24 hrs and 48 hrs. As per the state trait anxiety inventory and visual analog for pain measurement it was reported that women who received reiki had less pain-pre and post surgery.
  • An experiment by Friedman in 2010 wherein nurses gave healing to patients from acute coronary due to blockage of coronary arteries was found to relax the nerves and reflected positive change in heart rate.
  • Otelia Bengssten conducted experiment on 79 patients of various ailments like cancer, arthritis etc., out them 49 were given reiki, it was found within a few days the treated patients showed increase in hemoglobin values. For cancer patients treated with bone marrow suppressive it was so pronounced showed  increase in hemoglobin values.
  • An experiment by Crawford in 2006 wherein 12 elderly Alzheimer patients were given four 30 min reiki treatments improved the cognition skills than those of the other 12 patients who weren't given any treatment.
Authors or People whom you can read up about their work-  Dr.Emoto, Dr. James Oschman, Friedman, Dr. Bernadette, Vitale and O'Connor