Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Tonglen- compassion meditation or practice

Tonglen, an old Vajrayana Buddhist compassion practice, can give profound relief to the suffering of  psycho-emotional battering. This is meditation practice which done in conjunction with breathing, helpful in opening the heart and aim to move towards altruism. It involves compassion for self, compassion for others-- reminds me of Avalokiteshvara and Archangel Zadkiel. From one of my gurus i have learnt that this is one effective way to balance oneself during Rahu/Ketu Mahadasha.

Avalokiteshvara means- one who looks down
upon others with compassion
Om Mani Padme Hum
 The essence of Tonglen is:

  • Breathe in all the suffering of all people on Earth who are feeling your same pain, including yourself. Be specific. For example, if you have the pain of loneliness, abandonment, or rejection from a lover, say "I breathe in the terrible pain of all those who suffer emotional rejection from a lover."
  • Breathe out full healing of all those people's pain, including your own. Say, "As I breathe out, may all those who suffer this pain, including myself, receive full healing acceptance from their beloved."

Compassion to all :)

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Reiki - Thoughts by Simple

This post by one of our dear reiki healer- Simple Khanna.. This article is her point of view on reiki

One of the posts from my friends on whatsapp reminded me of a prayer. During my school days, we would stand in a line during morning assembly and sing it, every morning. That’s how my day would start. It was boring….same prayer every day! We used to yawn and steal looks at each other with our hands folded and desperately waiting for the boring Morning Prayer to get over.

Then I remembered the toughest of times I have faced and how each time, I have sent out the same prayer ‘God, please help me’ to the Universe, and every time ‘God’ has sent help either in the form of a person or a news or just by giving me strength to handle it all. Prayers work.

Reiki teaches us the perfect way to pray. When we learn to invoke Reiki, we learn the value of belief, faith, love, higher values, respect, oneness and letting go.
The starting point of Reiki is the belief in existence of Reiki. Reiki exists, all around us, in us, in everyone and everything that we see. With this belief, we start our journey towards invoking the divine into our lives.  We leave ourselves open to receiving Reiki with complete faith. We know that Reiki will do what is right for us. We learn to have faith. We learn to love something that cannot be seen. Gradually faith seeps into other areas of our lives. We learn to have faith in people around us, for things that are not obvious. We know that they are doing things out of love. We learn to incorporate trust.

While healing, we are taught to receive from higher chakras, crown preferably, so that we only focus on the pure divine consciousness. Gradually, Reiki lifts us from the lower chakras and we start to become more and more aware of our own higher values. We learn to be more generous, forgiving, understanding as we start knowing the world around us better.  We learn that we are all from the same source and are drawing everything around us from the same divine source. And lastly, when we cut cords, we let go. We disconnect ourselves from the result after giving Reiki and leave it all to Reiki. We learn that all that is in our hands is to do and the result will be in our favour.

To heal or to manifest, we perform Reiki repeatedly, with same set of intentions, actions and affirmations. This way we reinforce our desires into and onto the universe. The more we do it, the more are the chances of our desires becoming realities.

Now that I think about it, performing the same prayer during my school days was a good idea. Whatever little part I was able to focus on, I am sure it sent out some good signals and I received goodness in return. Thank you Universe. Thank you Reiki.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Reiki- How to try and heal unknown ailments

Ask with compassion and love and you will get
what you want-- your prayers be answered
Reiki is the universal energies as we all know, there are times when we as  practitioner  cannot identify the root issue of the illness or problem of a person ( we are not quasi gods,just humans). There are so many ailments and diseases whether mental/emotional/physical cannot be diagnosed. Does it mean that we shouldn't try, or if we cannot find the root cause of an ailment/issue should we be over cautious or refrain/complete give up and not send healing, should we worry what if the karmic cleansing happens and the person might leave the earth form... there are so many questions which go on in our minds while healing people whose root cause of ailment cannot be identified or rare disease.

Probable aspects which can be taken into consideration while healing-
Ailments are stuck up energies- they just have
to be converted to a different consciousness

  • Ground yourself completely
  • Talk in depth with the person- esp the time when they got to know about the ailment and while they felt about the ailment., how are they being accepted by other people
  • Make mental note of their feelings and how you feel about their state ( highest consciousness) 
  • Say the attitude of gratitude and pray ( if possible)before healing
  • Scan the entire body, if possible in other auric fields,, see or feel any colors or lights or sensation make mental note of it.. use the physical healing symbol while doing this
  • Heal the complete body like normally being done-- specifically use the master symbol ( traditional one) on each chakra and heal the root front and back for longer duration using all symbols.
  • Heal the spine and around on the back chakra specifically. I lay specific stress on root, cos most issues get sorted out once root is balanced.
  • Its always helpful to read about different ailments- eg: if bone, brain, heart related. This will help you to understand it better and on some levels do better healing ( probably)
  • Always be compassionate and do reiki as something to be done and dont expect too much-- as they say expectations lead to frustration
  • Before the session tell the healee about the issue being exaggerating too, so they have a choice to go ahead with session or not.
  • In cases of children with severe ailments, noting any feelings particularly to childs birth or past life you get, and be more gentle ( call upon archangel sandalphon and metatron-- they love kids) prefer using emotional healing symbol more. Always tell the parents what and how the healing you will be doing
  • Incase - of unknown neurological diseases- heal the root as much as possible, heal the crown from a distance only, use purple light for shielding the person- call upon archangel micheal if possible
  • For Bone or blood cells related ailments- again heal root, legs, feet. You can use haemitite and other root chakra stones and use the grid while healing
  • For AIDS patients--again only full body healing
  • For Communicable diseases- please read about the ailment before meeting the patient. Send distance healing or ground yourself completely before healing- prefer grid of tourmaline.
  • If you do past life reiki healing -- nothing like it, but always seek permission
  • After the healing session- close all the probable open chakras of the person and encapsulate the person in blue or purple white lights.
  • Thank the universe, Just be calm and still and compassionate.
Hope this article helps !!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Reiki & Aura Cleansing

This post is in continuation of the previous post of " Reiki & Aura Scanning". The post gives insight into other ways during reiki healing to do aura cleansing for possibly better help to the healee.

Following methods can be used-

  • Cord cutting
  • Giving healing for longer duration on the outline of the body or specific part
  • Filling the holes felt in the auric field 
  • Aura fluffing
  • Psychic surgery
  • Aura combing & aura smoothening and balancing
  • Color therapy while cleansing- Imagining colors
  • Call reiki guides of the healee
  • Call Archangel Micheal and Raphael during cleansing process
  • Mantra chanting
  • Aura sweep
You can also check the cleansing technique mentioned in the linked post.

Please share your experiences in aura cleansing and scanning. It  would be great to know.