Sunday, 13 October 2013

Reiki- How to try and heal unknown ailments

Ask with compassion and love and you will get
what you want-- your prayers be answered
Reiki is the universal energies as we all know, there are times when we as  practitioner  cannot identify the root issue of the illness or problem of a person ( we are not quasi gods,just humans). There are so many ailments and diseases whether mental/emotional/physical cannot be diagnosed. Does it mean that we shouldn't try, or if we cannot find the root cause of an ailment/issue should we be over cautious or refrain/complete give up and not send healing, should we worry what if the karmic cleansing happens and the person might leave the earth form... there are so many questions which go on in our minds while healing people whose root cause of ailment cannot be identified or rare disease.

Probable aspects which can be taken into consideration while healing-
Ailments are stuck up energies- they just have
to be converted to a different consciousness

  • Ground yourself completely
  • Talk in depth with the person- esp the time when they got to know about the ailment and while they felt about the ailment., how are they being accepted by other people
  • Make mental note of their feelings and how you feel about their state ( highest consciousness) 
  • Say the attitude of gratitude and pray ( if possible)before healing
  • Scan the entire body, if possible in other auric fields,, see or feel any colors or lights or sensation make mental note of it.. use the physical healing symbol while doing this
  • Heal the complete body like normally being done-- specifically use the master symbol ( traditional one) on each chakra and heal the root front and back for longer duration using all symbols.
  • Heal the spine and around on the back chakra specifically. I lay specific stress on root, cos most issues get sorted out once root is balanced.
  • Its always helpful to read about different ailments- eg: if bone, brain, heart related. This will help you to understand it better and on some levels do better healing ( probably)
  • Always be compassionate and do reiki as something to be done and dont expect too much-- as they say expectations lead to frustration
  • Before the session tell the healee about the issue being exaggerating too, so they have a choice to go ahead with session or not.
  • In cases of children with severe ailments, noting any feelings particularly to childs birth or past life you get, and be more gentle ( call upon archangel sandalphon and metatron-- they love kids) prefer using emotional healing symbol more. Always tell the parents what and how the healing you will be doing
  • Incase - of unknown neurological diseases- heal the root as much as possible, heal the crown from a distance only, use purple light for shielding the person- call upon archangel micheal if possible
  • For Bone or blood cells related ailments- again heal root, legs, feet. You can use haemitite and other root chakra stones and use the grid while healing
  • For AIDS patients--again only full body healing
  • For Communicable diseases- please read about the ailment before meeting the patient. Send distance healing or ground yourself completely before healing- prefer grid of tourmaline.
  • If you do past life reiki healing -- nothing like it, but always seek permission
  • After the healing session- close all the probable open chakras of the person and encapsulate the person in blue or purple white lights.
  • Thank the universe, Just be calm and still and compassionate.
Hope this article helps !!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Reiki & Aura Cleansing

This post is in continuation of the previous post of " Reiki & Aura Scanning". The post gives insight into other ways during reiki healing to do aura cleansing for possibly better help to the healee.

Following methods can be used-

  • Cord cutting
  • Giving healing for longer duration on the outline of the body or specific part
  • Filling the holes felt in the auric field 
  • Aura fluffing
  • Psychic surgery
  • Aura combing & aura smoothening and balancing
  • Color therapy while cleansing- Imagining colors
  • Call reiki guides of the healee
  • Call Archangel Micheal and Raphael during cleansing process
  • Mantra chanting
  • Aura sweep
You can also check the cleansing technique mentioned in the linked post.

Please share your experiences in aura cleansing and scanning. It  would be great to know.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Reiki and Aura Scanning

As per the ancient Hindu scriptures every body has subtle bodies around itself namely- 7 subtle bodies, this concept is referred to as auric field of the body. It said that any physical ailment or emotional compliant first touches all or either of the 7 auric fields and eventually transpires to the physical body.
During reiki level 2 or level 3 ( depends on the teacher) aura scanning and cleansing is taught to the students to identify specific areas which require more healing or nurturing.
7 Auric Fields- Multiple  Aura Colors- How beautiful 
 we are

How to do aura scanning of the healee during reiki session-

  • First and foremost ground yourself either by grounding technique or by use of tourmaline.
  • Request the healee to sit of a chair or lie on the ground, make sure the hands and legs are not crossed.
  • Place your palms together ( like in healing position) and move it over the respective chakras and eventually scan the aura by palms over the outline of the body. 
  • Check what you feel on your palms and that should be the area /areas requiring more cleansing /balancing --
  • Check if you feel either of these on your palms/hands or around yourself or the healee- Coldness, perspiring, feeling cold winds, shivering, hotness, burning sessions, feeling energy is being sucked from u , sudden pain the body part or head, low in energy ( low/high bp), feeling grey/black colors around, feeling something unwanted there, something is pushing or u away or making u uncomfortable, feeling there are holes/empty.
  • Once the scanning is done you can either perform basic cleansing steps using reiki symbols only or other ways of aura cleansing.

Basic steps for Aura Cleansing -( Suggested post aura scanning)

  • Say the attitude of gratitude, call on the angels/ any god the healee believes in .
  • Use the symbol of distance healing over the entire body first, then on the specific areas identified.
  • Use the Level 3 symbol taught ( new or old ) once on the front of the body then on the back
  • Then use the physical healing symbol all over the auric field of the body and specifically 5 times on the spinal cord
  • Then use the physical heling symbol over the specific area.
  • Complete the cleansing session by saying the attitude of gratitude.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Reiki - Tool Kit

This post is primarily for students or masters as to what material to expect or ask or provide  for during the Reiki training-

Following to expected/provided during the Reiki training at different levels-

  • A guidebook-  It could be an actual book from an author or could be collected notes in a few pages based on the understanding of the teacher or experiences.
  • A pamphlet or part of the guidebook- All the hand positions of reiki healing of self and others, nice to have- if examples on how to heal animals or people with certain ailments, healing to stones, situations etc, distant healings
  • Notes on preferably from level 1 training- on how to ground and protect oneself.
  • High level notes on 7 chakras of the body and associated mantras.
  • Brief synopsis of meditation taught during specific reiki level.
  • A CD is always nice with the contents taught during the attunement/classroom sessions + one last bit of nice healing music for meditation.
  • Flash cards are very fascinating you can try including it in your teachings or provide it to the students for better understanding.
  • Ask for a power-point presentation for a brief on the overall classroom trainings.
  • A workbook is always helpful - wherein the reiki learner understand plus note their thoughts and understanding and share experiences.
  • As a student ask specific material for your area of interest within reiki from your teacher.

Hope this helps , Good Luck :)