Saturday, 8 August 2015

Emotional Freedom Technique-2- Feeling

EFT despite being a simple tapping technique-has an underlying association with the vital organs which is the principle for such energy and or alternative healing especially Acupuncture. Based on Chinese notions of meridians every time you tap the connection happens with the corresponding organ in your body- in turn associated with a feeling e.g: fear, worry , grief. It is  simple way of clearing blockages which are most self inflicted. It can help remove the root cause of a negative emotion but again it depends on your intention & intensity
Dont hold on - Be free

In short lets the brain connects positively with organ :)
It almost reminds me of the four of pentacles wherein the person is holding and clinging to tightly and  not willing to give away-- EFT helps the person in four of pentacles mode unloosen themselves and be free. 

Tapping Area
Feeling Associated
Chakra & Energy
Top of the Head
All meridians- gall bladder, stomach,
Lack of contentment
Crown Chakra ( However mostly Yang points- I also place Shiva here but energies vary)
Between the eyebrows ( eye brow  & nose starting point)
Fear, Unable to connect, unable to concentrate, lack of free movement, feeling,
Sacral Chakra- however Chinese place Yang to Bladder
Side of the eyes ( where the eye brow ends)
Gall Bladder
Unable to harmonize with self or others, Anger, guilt or resentment, lack of energy
Sacral chakra- However Yang energy is associated- however I feel Yin
Under the eye
Need to control, lack of empathy , lack of sympathy or feeling not receiving same from others, confused thoughts /feelings- not able to think clearly, blocked intuition, not able to follow through, self -doubt
Manipura chakra- absolute Yang
Under the nose or between nose and upper lip
Governing Meridian
Psychological/mental issues, unable to stand up for one self, accumulate excess heat in head or body
No energy. However I place imbalanced root and crown chakra here
Central Meridian
Unable to feel or give love, unable to release past sexual or emotional trauma, guilt, worry , panic, nervous or anxiety
No energy associated. However I place sacral chakra and feminine energies mostly. Imbalanced sacral & root issues which block heart
Clavicle ( or collar bone and upto 4 inches below)
Fear, anxiety, unable to let go, unable to process harsh energies, too much sensitivity in body, mind and spirit
Yin Energy.
Sacral Chakra
Under arms ( about 4 inches)
Lack of empathy, sympathy, sombre, pensive moods, Here too excess intellectualism-
Yin Energy
However place ending of Manipura and start of Sacral here- very critical for giving energy
Back of the wrist or karate point
Small Intestines
Lack of love, joy, feeling of prolonged hatred towards self or someone close, unable to balance i.e.: fluctuating from giving excess love, unable to segregate emotionally what is good for you, relationship dynamics
Yang – I still place heart here are it’s the twin soul of the heart
Index Finger – Large intestine
Thumb- Lungs
Little finger – heart
Middle finger-All reproduction areas
Unable to harmonize relationship, sex addictions, lack or unable to feel love joy, happiness, long term or short term Grief.

Combination of Yin and Yang. Mostly Yin- Sacral and Heart Chakra

Hope above helps in deciphering your pattern and all the release a certain negative emotion

Friday, 7 August 2015

Emotional Freedom Technique-

This is my first post of the year 2015 and I am glad -starting it with EFT. I got introduced to EFT in September 2013- while I was going through a rough phase- it helped me recover and eliminate feeling of grief, fear associated with the situation at hand.

EFT is very basic technique and easy to learn, no cult and not a closed door practice. EFT is a tapping technique- i.e: tapping parts of your body. In some ways I felt it a little bit close to reiki energies & principle- soft :)
Free to be happy, independent, lovable & confident
I personally believe it is more like enabling to believe in onself, overcoming a fear, insecurity, inability, traumatic incident, heart break , confidence, breaking an old habit and many more. It also is based on intention however underlying
aspect is always the organs and associated energies to the organ. It is based on self- sufficiency.

Basic Method-

Intention-  State a crystal clear intention ( preferably out aloud)- e.g: I am happy, confident and everything around me is perfect or I am living a perfect relationship no past hurt exists or I am confident , accept and love myself deeply or I am healing and every cell in my body is recovering
Intention is created in a positive mode - a positive outcome which one envisages.
Always say the intention with lot of passion and intensity to it.


  1. Sit any where or stand you like -In any form-avoid crossing your legs or hands
  2. Start tapping at the centre of your head- atleast 3-4 time or as your like and say the intention aloud
  3. Next tap at start of the eye brow as many number of times and say the intention out aloud
  4. Tap at your temples to bone bordering the eye ( end of your brow) as many times you like and say the intention aloud
  5. Tap below your eyes -not very harshly and say the intention aloud
  6. Following the above tap between the nose and lips and say the intention aloud
  7. Tap on your chin and say the intention
  8. Next tap all over your clavicle ( neck bone)- and additionally and 1inch  below and say the intention aloud
  9. Tap at the side of your breast ( middle of bra ) or chest  or say about 3.5 inch below you armpit and say the intention aloud
  10. Tap at the karate chop or side of your hand and say the intention aloud
  11. Repeat Step 1-10 - you modify the intention every cycle- however repeat the same intention at each step.

Additional points- which I recommend-however need utmost care-. Tap on your eyelids ( closed eyes) though slowly and softly to avoid any damage, below the eye brow
Also tap on the right side or below each finger
You can do EFT with two or more fingers also.5-7 taps are good however the number is  based on your energy or feeling .

Enjoy being free from stress, hurt, pain using EFT.
Let me know your experiences-- until then be free , patient and persistent while you practice it.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Tonglen- compassion meditation or practice

Tonglen, an old Vajrayana Buddhist compassion practice, can give profound relief to the suffering of  psycho-emotional battering. This is meditation practice which done in conjunction with breathing, helpful in opening the heart and aim to move towards altruism. It involves compassion for self, compassion for others-- reminds me of Avalokiteshvara and Archangel Zadkiel. From one of my gurus i have learnt that this is one effective way to balance oneself during Rahu/Ketu Mahadasha.

Avalokiteshvara means- one who looks down
upon others with compassion
Om Mani Padme Hum
 The essence of Tonglen is:

  • Breathe in all the suffering of all people on Earth who are feeling your same pain, including yourself. Be specific. For example, if you have the pain of loneliness, abandonment, or rejection from a lover, say "I breathe in the terrible pain of all those who suffer emotional rejection from a lover."
  • Breathe out full healing of all those people's pain, including your own. Say, "As I breathe out, may all those who suffer this pain, including myself, receive full healing acceptance from their beloved."

Compassion to all :)

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Reiki - Thoughts by Simple

This post by one of our dear reiki healer- Simple Khanna.. This article is her point of view on reiki

One of the posts from my friends on whatsapp reminded me of a prayer. During my school days, we would stand in a line during morning assembly and sing it, every morning. That’s how my day would start. It was boring….same prayer every day! We used to yawn and steal looks at each other with our hands folded and desperately waiting for the boring Morning Prayer to get over.

Then I remembered the toughest of times I have faced and how each time, I have sent out the same prayer ‘God, please help me’ to the Universe, and every time ‘God’ has sent help either in the form of a person or a news or just by giving me strength to handle it all. Prayers work.

Reiki teaches us the perfect way to pray. When we learn to invoke Reiki, we learn the value of belief, faith, love, higher values, respect, oneness and letting go.
The starting point of Reiki is the belief in existence of Reiki. Reiki exists, all around us, in us, in everyone and everything that we see. With this belief, we start our journey towards invoking the divine into our lives.  We leave ourselves open to receiving Reiki with complete faith. We know that Reiki will do what is right for us. We learn to have faith. We learn to love something that cannot be seen. Gradually faith seeps into other areas of our lives. We learn to have faith in people around us, for things that are not obvious. We know that they are doing things out of love. We learn to incorporate trust.

While healing, we are taught to receive from higher chakras, crown preferably, so that we only focus on the pure divine consciousness. Gradually, Reiki lifts us from the lower chakras and we start to become more and more aware of our own higher values. We learn to be more generous, forgiving, understanding as we start knowing the world around us better.  We learn that we are all from the same source and are drawing everything around us from the same divine source. And lastly, when we cut cords, we let go. We disconnect ourselves from the result after giving Reiki and leave it all to Reiki. We learn that all that is in our hands is to do and the result will be in our favour.

To heal or to manifest, we perform Reiki repeatedly, with same set of intentions, actions and affirmations. This way we reinforce our desires into and onto the universe. The more we do it, the more are the chances of our desires becoming realities.

Now that I think about it, performing the same prayer during my school days was a good idea. Whatever little part I was able to focus on, I am sure it sent out some good signals and I received goodness in return. Thank you Universe. Thank you Reiki.