Monday, 21 May 2012

Chakras & Hand Mudras

Mudras are hand positions. Each area of the hand has a certain reflex reaction in certain part of the brain which is related a certain gland and related body part. Mudras have a holistic effect which improvement in efficiency, overall health of body, mind & spirit. There are multiple mudras for physical, emotional , mental and spiritual elements of the body however here we will be covering a few.

Lets have a look at the chakras and mudras associated:-

Hand Position
Root & Foot Chakra
Pran Mudra – can be done with both hands

Touching the thumb with the tip of ring & little finger. Do it atleast for 10 min to best 35-40 min.

·  Creates state of relaxation
·  Security- stabilizes things/ person or events around
·  Enhances immunity & vitality.
·  Removal of fear
·  Allows release of unwanted
·  Grounding
·  Improves eye diseases
·  Sound Sleep

Hara chakra
Dhyani Mudra- Great for spiritual connection
Place both hands like a bowl on your hara chakra below your navel. Do it for 4-5 min to 30-40 min.

·   Gesture of mediation & submission
·   Self discipline
·   Remove unwanted desires.
·   Helps in forgiveness
·   Aids in being responsible.

Manipura chakra
Hakini Mudra- Powerful mudra
Additionally rudra mudra
Placed at the solar plexus, sit in contemplation placing all the finger tips of one touching the other hand. Eyes to be upward & tongue touching the gums at inhale & tongue gasping out on exhale.
·  Opens the right hemisphere, of the memory store
·  Deepens respiration
·  Improves oxygen supply to brain
·  Helps in thinking, emotional balance. Esp if u are too much of sacral chakra person.
·  Improve self identity, anxiety & personal power
·  Provides energy to lower chakras.
·  Balances third eye, lungs, brain, left & right hemisphere.

Heart Chakra
Apan vayu Mudra- vayu & apan, lotus, gyan mudra can also be practiced. Done for 15 min.
Bend your index finger & let it touch the base of thumb. Let index & middle finger touch the tip of thumb & extend little finger. Do it with both hands close to heart chakra
·   Very good for heart patients- helps to remove vayu tatwa.
·   Strengthens heart
·   Helps in detoxification
·   Improves heart circulation.
·   Improves blood pressure
·   Helps one to take care of own needs.
·   Helps to remove air, balances body temperature, cures toothache, removes excess sweat from hand
Throat Chakra
Shankh & Gyan Mudra
Encircle the thumb with right hand fingers & right thumb to touch the middle finger of left hand and form a conch shape & brought closer to sternum. Do it for 15 min
For gyan mudra index finger to touch the thumb of same hand
·  Drives away every problem of the throat
·  Removes negative and loneliness feelings & helps to express.
·  Removes allergies.
·  Reduces inflammatory condition of body and throat.
·  Growth in alertness

Third Eye Chakra
Shambhavi Mudra

Move eyes upwards & inwards attempting to imagine a third eye. Concentrating on the tip of the nose

·   Checks degeneration of pineal  gland
·   Removes tiredness & mental stress
·   Induces higher consciousness.

Crown Chakra
Khechari Mudra/
Akasha Mudra- some suggest matangi mudra

Tip of the middle finger to touch the tip of the thumb & roll your eyes if possible. Practice for 10-15 min
·   Clears the throat
·   Broadens the mind and one becomes less selfish.
·   Opens up the higher self/intuition.
·   Helps to improve bones/calcium, hearing abilities

Hope it helps . Would recommend reading up more on each other mudras.